Espirit de She

20131010_173634One way I enjoy getting in some exercise is doing running/walking events with my sister.  For the most part we stick to 5ks but we throw in the occasional 6k, 7k, 10k or 5 miler.  This week we did a mid-week, night event called the Espirit de She.  It was an all female run at Tempe Town Lake on Thursday night.  This was the first time they had done this particular run in Phoenix so there were a few kinks.  The event was originally supposed to be in Scottsdale and about a week before we all received calls saying that the venue had changed.  They also advertised it as having a night market that was supposed to have fresh produce, crafts and local artisans and there was none of that which was really disappointing.  There were some things that they advertised and delivered on like the bubbly bar and a spa tent.  The bubbly bar had mimosas with either orange juice or grapefruit juice and they put fresh raspberries and blueberries in them.  You got two free drinks with your entry fee and that was a nice treat after the walk.  The spa tent had mini massages, hair braiding and nail painting.  I partook in a nice pre-race massage and some of the other girls in our group did massages or hair braiding.  The post race food was also a little disappointing since it was advertised as tapas but it was just Jimmy Johns sandwiches and chili (if you got there soon enough for the chili).

crossing the bridge

crossing the bridge

All in all it was an ok event but definitely was not as advertised and I don’t know if we will be doing it again next year.  I always walk at these events and my sister goes between walking and running.  At this even we met up with some friends and all walked together so it was a lot of fun just walking and talking.  So even though it didn’t meet expectations it was still fun and a great way to get out and get moving.


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