Another use for oatmeal

It’s that time of year, and I don’t mean Fall.  I mean bug season.  Now I know everyone suffers from mosquito bites and the like and they are unpleasant for everyone, but for me they can be a huge issue.  Apparently, I am highly allergic to them because instead of your average bite I end up with gigantic, red, itchy and sometimes painful welts that can last weeks before finally disappearing completely.  This year I thought I was getting off easy as I hadn’t had many bites and I even bragged about it at a party on Saturday (normally I am prime fodder for the little blood suckers).  Bragging was apparently my downfall because I woke up Monday morning and glanced in the mirror, then took a longer look in the mirror and low and behold I had about 20 large itchy welts all over my back.  Tonight I decided that I needed something a bit more soothing than the game of human twister and anti-itch cream that I have been playing the last few days so I took a trip to Pinterest.  I decided what is more soothing than an oatmeal bath and since I was in a hurry and limited on supplies I looked for the simplest variation I could find.  I settled on one that was only a combination of oatmeal and coconut oil.  You simply blend the oatmeal and oil in the blendr.  The original page called for 1 cup of oatmeal and 1 tbsp. of coconut oil.  I ended up cutting this in half and here is why.  Did you know that your blender bottom will fit a standard mason jar (this won’t work with the wide-mouth jars)?!?!  Since I only had 8 oz jars available 1 cup just wasn’t going to work so I did half.  Now not only did I not have to use my gigantic blender for a small amount but my oatmeal bath is made and already in its own storage container!  Once it is blended into a fine powder you just add 2 heaping tbsp. to your hot bath and enjoy.  I’m feeling more relaxed and less itchy already and have learned my lesson about bragging.