Kiss Me Dirty!

This weekend my sister and I participated in the Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run with a group of wonderful women!  It was a blast as usual.  The KMD races raise money for local gynecological cancer research.  In Tucson the race helps the University of Arizona Cancer Center.  So not only are you getting dirty and having fun but you can feel good about the reason.  This is the second race our group has done and one of the best parts is coming up with the team names and themes.  In March we were the Lady Bits: League of Extraordinary Women and we all went dressed as superheroes (and a few villains 🙂 ).


This time we were the Tartan Tatas and has some fantastic shirts made.


Although I do have to say the competition is tough and we need to step up our game with team names like the Baracooters and the Desert Clitortises.

1395371_10200727568820050_830592557_nThe race itself is a lot of fun.  There are several obstacles along the way including fireman’s poles, rope ladders, teeter totters, a color station, and obviously a lot of MUD! 1392040_10200727574980204_1476717589_n We always have a great group of ladies doing the race.  We have pooled people from friends, family and co-workers.  My favorites are when we have our mother-daughter pairings and of course sisters and cousins are always awesome.

The age range for the team ran from teenage to almost 70.  The older ones are absolutely amazing and I hope that when my sister and I are that age that we are still doing these events!  Even though they said they felt like they were going slow or holding us back (and they were not doing that in any way) my sister pointed out that all of us were winning over those still on the couch.  So kudos to Jan and Peg you are heroes to all of us!!!!!

1374146_10200727582820400_862231528_n1393456_10200844997669032_1127349105_nSo check out the runs in your area.  They don’t have to be a competition they just have to be fun and maybe you can raise a little money for a good cause.  Get out there and be healthy!