It’s OK to be last

For the last few years I have been doing various 5ks with my sister.  We have a blast doing them and they keep us moving.  Sometimes my sister will run (she has been battling sports injuries for a while so it depends on how she feels) and sometimes she will walk with me.  I ALWAYS walk.  Years ago after I lost all my weight the first time, I did a half marathon.  During training I really messed my knee up so I decided after proving to myself that I could do the 13.1 that I was done running and would stick to walking.  I usually do 5Ks but will do up to 5 miles depending on the race. We have done all sorts of races, races for causes, races for fun, color runs, mud runs, butt crack of dawn runs, big runs, little runs and we love them all.  One thing I have come to terms with though, especially in the smaller runs, is that I will most likely be last, and I really am ok with that.  Smaller runs, especially runs in their first year(s), tend to be attended mainly by runners and not very many of them at that.  So logically me being the only walker I will be last.  Want to know why I’m ok with this?  It’s because I did it. I go out there and I do my best and I meet my goals by just finishing.  I know there are people out there that will snigger and giggle at the heavy people out there in their exercise clothes that may be too tight (why do they not make readily available and affordable plus size exercise clothes????) as they are walking behind everyone else or at the gym sweating beyond reason but you know what?  They are doing it and that is all that matters.  This weekend I did the first in a series of trail runs with my sister and I PROUDLY finished last.


BTW, my time really wasn’t that bad considering it was a 5k trail run and not a super easy trail at that.  58:21